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We bring the medical sector
to a new level

About us

Headquartered in Remagen, Germany, the MHS Union takes pride in bringing medical services to the next level worldwide.

The MHS Union provides comprehensive solutions, which, on the one hand, involve working on the improvement of quality standards of medical services in close cooperation with clinics, and on the other hand, provide each patient with the access to an “Excellence” medical service.

The idea of creating the medical hospital services union (abbreviated as the MHS Union) came up with the founder of the Booking Health portal, which offers the detailed information about clinics, doctors and medical services. Providing the patient with the opportunity to make the informed decisions on the medical services market and find the best medical solution for themselves, the founders of the portal have faced many difficulties. These were diverse issues, starting with lack of available, objective and understandable to the average user information about the medical services, their cost and quality, and ending with the unwillingness of the hospitals to provide the information in the open access.

The next serious difficulty was the understanding of how poorly the culture of patient service in hospitals is developed, and how different the quality and hygiene standards in the diverse hospitals are. All of these bring the enormous risks to the health of patients.

After many years of analysis and practical work with patients, the solution was found. This is the creation of a full cycle of medical and related services, consisting of: MHS Academy — Hospitals — MHS Agency. Thus, a rapidly developing and self-controlled structure was created. It provides patients from all countries of the world with the highest quality medical and related services in compliance with international standards.

MHS Union is
  • Located in
    75 countries
  • More than
    250 clinics
  • Speak 21
  • More than 15 million users per year