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We bring "Excellence" level service
to every hospital in the world

Regional representative offices of the MHS Academy

The MHS Academy aims to involve the great number of clinics in the process of improving the quality standards of medical care and related services.

For this, the MHS Academy employs professionals from all over the world as the MHS Academy Representatives.

If you feel the strength and desire to improve medicine in your region, as well as have sufficient experience in this field, we will be glad to discuss the cooperation.

We offer prequalification and training for all our future referents, as well as provide full informational support.

Given the level of responsibility, the potential Representatives of the MHS Academy should correspond to a number of requirements.

The qualification profile of a Representative includes:

  • Higher medical / pharmaceutical education or degree in natural sciences; awareness of the range of problems in the medical sphere.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: ability to establish contacts and build long-term relationships, ability to manage time and tasks.
  • High self-organization skills, ability to draw up a clear plan and set goals for every day, ability to identify the needs of hospitals and doctors, ability to convince.
  • Proactive and result-oriented.
  • Experience in sales will be an asset.

The main responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain contacts with representatives of the healthcare sector (doctors and hospital directors).
  • Present the MHS Academy programs, sign contracts with Hospitals.
  • Represent the MHS Academy interests in the regional professional environment.
  • Arrange the training events (workshops, round work tables, presentations).
  • Arrange the marketing activities.
  • Maintain records of the completed tasks.