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MHS Agency

The MHS Agency is a patient-oriented network of local medical service agencies that control the care of patients in hospitals.

The objective of the MHS Agency is to provide a patient with the maximum comfort during the diagnostics and treatment.

Patient services:

  • Preclinical processing of the incoming calls and requests from patients.
  • Arranging distant medical consultations with doctors from the different hospitals.
  • Booking appointments in the hospitals.
  • Preparing medical documentation in accordance with the hospital standards.
  • Accompanying patients during the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Arranging transfer from home to the hospital and / or other healthcare institutions.
  • Managing the household and organizational issues during the treatment.
  • Arranging the follow-up rehabilitation and home care.
  • Regulating the financial issues with insurance companies.
  • Booking hotels and apartments for nonresident patients.
  • Quality control of medical service (in collaboration with the MHS Academy).

Additional services for the foreign patients:

  • Arranging distant medical consultations, including Skype consultations.
  • Providing an interpreter (who is also a medical coordinator) for accompanying a patient in the hospital.
  • Elaboration of the preliminary medical program and making up an treatment estimate.
  • Written translation of medical reports.
  • Arrangement of additional examinations in partner clinics, if necessary.
  • Assistance in a medical visa issuing.
  • Providing insurance in case of complications and cost management in case of an insured event development.

For over 15 years, we have been maintaining high quality standards in organizing a full package of medical services.

The MHS Agency is always on the patient’s side, making his comfort and safety the company’s main interest.

The new generation of medical services is based on:

TRANSPARENCY — improving medical services is inseparably linked with increasing transparency of clinics, transparency of data on the quality of general and medical services.

FOCUS ON COMFORT AND SAFETY OF THE PATIENT — the patient with his individual needs should always be a key figure in the organization of the medical process, and his safety should be the first point in the list of the clinic evaluation indicators.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP — the MHS Academy strives for long-term cooperation with clinics, since the process of improving the medical services requires constant monitoring and quality maintaining.

MHS Agency: Benefits

The main aim of the MHS Agency is to lead a patient to the recovery with maximal comfort and safety.

The MHS Agency bases its work on the objective statistical data and the reliable information from various official sources.

Despite its global scale, the MHS Agency always works at the hospital and in close cooperation with it.

According to the requirements of the international quality standards, we carefully select the hospitals at which the MHS Agency works.

Analyzing the hospitals’ annual qualification report and collecting data from patients who have been treated in the hospital, we pay attention to the 400 mandatory indicators. Main of them include:

  • The number of surgical procedures performed and percentage of the successful ones.
  • Specialization of the hospital when it comes to the treatment of the particular pathology.
  • Absence of nosocomial infections.
  • Minimal complication rates, patient’s safety.
  • Introduction of the advanced technologies, high level of the hospital’s technical equipment.
  • The level of medical personnel competence.

All the data is transferred to the analytical department of the MHS Academy and taken into account during the annual audit of the hospital. In addition, it is published in the open access, on the Booking Health portal.

A patient who has contacted the MHS Agency can always expect to receive an “Excellence” medical service.

Become the representative of the MHS Agency

The MHS Agency aims to provide more patients with access to medical services in a comfortable and highly secure environment.

For this, the MHS Agency employs professionals from all over the world as the MHS Agency Representatives.

If you feel the strength and desire to improve medicine in your region, as well as have sufficient experience in this field, we will be glad to discuss the cooperation.

We offer pre-certification and training for all our new specialists, as well as provide support. Given the level of responsibility, the potential Representatives of the MHS Agency should correspond to a number of requirements.

Given the level of responsibility, the potential Representatives of the MHS Agency should correspond to a number of requirements.

You can become a part of the team provided that:

  • You have experience in the business activity.
  • You have enough funds to run the agency.
  • You have a desire to grow and develop yourself, to be independent financially.
  • You have always wanted to have your own business and stable income.

It will be better to give it a second thought in case:

  • You are not interested in the medical issues.
  • You do not have the sufficient financial background.
  • You do not have working experience or experience in the business activity.
  • Money is your only professional work goal.

We are looking for the authentic partners who share our values and approaches.

Additional desirable requirements include:

  • Higher medical / pharmaceutical education or degree in natural sciences; awareness of the range of medical problems.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: ability to establish contacts and build long-term relationships.
  • High self-organization skills, ability to draw up a clear plan and set goals for every day, ability to identify the needs of clinics and doctors, ability to convince.
  • Proactive and result-oriented.
  • Experience in sales will be an asset.